Pacifica Senior Living East Village


Client Name: Pacifica Companies
Project Address: Oxnard, CA
Existing Building Area: 6,585 SF
Proposed Building Area: 15,412 SF
Renovated Building Area: 748 SF
Levels of Care: Assisted Living
Number of Units: 59 AL, 16MC/ 29 Beds

General Overview

East Village consists of the two-story expansion of the assisted living wing, the one story expansion of the memory care wing, and the addition of a one story kitchen and a dining room.  Eight existing units were also converted into common use spaces to create a smooth connection between the new and existing buildings.

Building Description

The assisted living and memory care wings are located at opposing extremities of the building.  The lobby and amenities are located in the center.  The building provides outdoor shaded areas as well as walking paths for residents to stroll, socialize, and enjoy nature.

Signature Features

The memory garden provides a looping path that allows Alzheimer’s patients to stroll safely, and two trellises were designed for shaded areas.  A patio area was designed by the new kitchen and dining room to provide residents the option of dining outdoors.