Building Information Modeling

From 2005, each and every project commenced by DPA has been developed in building information modeling (BIM) technology. Developing a virtual computer model, or BIM model, of the building maximizes design communication by enhancing visualization of all three-dimensional aspects of building design. BIM technology integrates the building systems within the architectural model and facilitates the coordination of building trades prior to and during construction.

Our BIM standards have evolved for nearly 10 years of real work application. DPA has created our proprietary BIM Standards and Quick Start Guide which directs the application of all standards, processes and applications of our technology in the pursuit of each individual architectural project.

The DPA BIM Standards govern the quality and constancy of all project tasks:

  1. Concepting and Programming
  2. Schematic Design
  3. View Simulation and Renderings
  4. Design Development and Building Systems Integration
  5. Construction Documents, Specification Integration and Database Management
  6. Constructability Visualization

The BIM software provides database management incorporating external graphic detail and specification information language. The layout book catalogues all drawing set information to be included in the Construction Document sheets.

As technology evolves, so do our BIM standards.