Senior Assisted Living Architects Specializing in Senior Housing

What is an Assisted Living Facility?

There is not a nationwide definition of an assisted living facility, but certain characteristics help differentiate assisted living facilities from other senior living options.  In general, assisted living facilities:

  • Consist of residential apartments as opposed to single rooms as in skilled nursing facilities
  • Are best suited for seniors who are mobile but may require assistance with daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, or keeping track of medication
  • Allow pets.  Each facility has its own policy, but in general, pets are allowed
  • Usually serve as a lower cost option for seniors who only need a low level of care
  • Have common areas that allow residents to participate in group activities, as well as spend time with fellow residents and family members

Why specialize in senior housing?

When building a senior assisted living facility, it is important that the designer consider many components in order to create an environment ideal for its intended residents.  Douglas Pancake Architects (DPA) is an architectural firm offering a specialized focus to address the nuances of building for the aging community.  Aspects that must be carefully thought out include lighting, color schemes, and designing for autonomy.  With 25 years of experience in senior housing, Douglas Pancake leads a group of talented architects in understanding how to best design assisted living facilities to help meet the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of seniors.  As the population ages, the need for more senior housing will increase, and DPA will be there to offer experienced and compassionate service to assist the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Senior Assisted Living Architects Specializing in Senior Housing

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Senior Assisted Living Architects Specializing in Senior Housing 2

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