DPA Culture

Douglas Pancake Architects believes in tapping into the best in each individual.  We allow our employees to explore what makes them tick and utilize each person’s unique capabilities to the fullest extent.  With mentorship and morale, our architects learn in an environment that welcomes exploration and questions.  There is no status quo.

Each member of our team works as part of a greater whole without becoming just a number or a cog in the machine.  Individual talents flourish in our environment of creativity and open communication.  We believe in owning up to our mistakes and learning from them so as not to repeat them in the future.

We believe that team building is an essential part of working together effectively for the good of our clients and our employees. Our team develops genuine, caring relationships with one another as we push for the common goal of creating healing environments for the elderly of our community and communities across the country.  Our “Happy Hour” adventures include everything from bowling to exploring local architectural sites together.  Holidays are always a pleasure with catered events, festive decorating, and sometimes even a little flag football.

Join Our Team

DPA believes in a healthy work/life balance.  We work hard and play hard, which generates a positive environment.  If you would like to see about joining our team, check out our current job opportunities.